Meet our partners

Discover on this page the partners of Black Tiger.


Keyrus, a technology consulting firm specialized in assisting companies in the fields of digital transformation, is Black Tiger's partner for the distribution and integration of the Personal Data Platform 2i, for companies seeking to achieve their digital transformation and a true data-driven strategy around personal data.

Compart solutions

Compart solutions, the document processing specialist, is a partner of Black Tiger for the delivery of document processing solutions within the 2i platform, such as DocBridge Impress, a solution for the creation of documents in all print, web and mobile formats from a single source.

Iguane Solutions

Iguanes Solutions, a hosting specialist since 2000, is a partner of Black Tiger for the provision of infrastructures and particularly a dedicated Private Cloud, on French territory, on which the 2i platform is deployed. Iguanes Solutions enables Black Tiger to be autonomous in the management of its infrastructures and to benefit from a private, efficient and high-performance environment, totally managed by Black Tiger for its 2i platform.

Bearing Point

Bearing Point, a leading international business consulting firm with management and technology capabilities across key commercial, public and financial sectors, is Black Tiger's partner for the distribution of the 2i platform.

4CYSEC : Cyber Security Expert

4CYSEC, specialist in cybersecurity, is partner of Black Tiger for the distribution of its GDPR compliance method, Cleverness data Legal System, as well as its 2i solution. 4CYSEC also supports the DevOps and DevSecOps trainings created and delivered by Black Tiger's operational teams.