2i Platform

The first Personal Data Platform

Unify all of your organization's data on a Customer-centric model

Since your digital transformation should not lead to an ever more complex ecosystem, our end-to-end platform 2i is the support for your evolution


Benefit from a solution that integrates all the advantages of a platform
dedicated to personal data


Native Data Quality

Get results with correct data

Ensure that you always have reliable data and improve the constitution of your 360° customer vision thanks to our Data Quality tools.

Automate your DQ process

A set of packaged algorithms dedicated to B2C data

From standardization to the consolidation of your golden records

2i reconstructs your clients' DNA

A know-how enhanced by new AI tools

The knowledge of personal data combined with technological innovation

GDPR as Code

Build an ethical future with consumer respect

Ensure a full GDPR compliance to your organization.

A comprehensive compliance method

The deployment of 2i is based on our Cleverness data Legal System (CLS) method

A "by design & by default" GDPR module

The real guarantee that your compliance is total

A compliance index based on a scoring algorithm

We give you the resources to monitor your compliance


Business Rules

Increase revenue through business adaptability

Because the 360° view of your customers is the first step of your digital transformation, our platform gives you the ability to manage your database using the concept of "individual/product couple" and to quickly adapt to your new business needs.

A flexible data model

A Customer-centric data model adapted to your business and industry

Micro-services for all your activities

2i delivers maximum value from your customer database

Managing operational transactions and Big Data

A powerful engine designed to fit all your needs

Integrate 2i in your IT environment

Infrastructure as Code   |   Cloud Agnostic   |   Configuration Management   |   Industrial Standard Tools

  1. 1

    A reliable micro-service architecture

  2. 2

    The latest Big Data Technologies

  3. 3

    The best performance without the complexity


Choose the appropriate deployment option

Public cloud, private cloud or on-premise depending on your expectations, the choice is yours

Public Cloud

Black Tiger

Private Cloud