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"A platform offering both MDM and CDP capabilities is a unique proposition

M. H., Senior Director Analyst GARTNER

"You have an advantage having the solution today

M. H., Senior Director Analyst GARTNER

- The Black Tiger platform, a Master Data Management solution, ensures consistency, accuracy, stewardship and governance of enterprise Master Data.

- As the Master Data Platform, it unifies all marketing data, creates unique customer profiles based on first, second and third party data and optimizes the targeting of messages and offers.

In order to validate the functional outcome of the Master Data Platform, the Black Tiger teams analysed all the functionalities defined by the Critical Capabilities 2021*, Gartner's reference publications.

The above comparison table summarises the result of this study. It is based on the publication by M. H ** (Gartner - 2021) We Have MDM Software, So Why Would We Need a CDP? (Gartner - 2021) :

* Critical Capabilities for Master Data Management Solutions, What Data and Analytics Leaders Need to Know About Customer Data Platforms, Critical Capabilities for Data Quality Solutions, Critical Capabilities for Data Integration Tools. ** Sr. Director Analyst, Data and Analytics in Gartner.

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