GDPR Solution

For a "by design & by default" GDPR compliance

A GDPR as Code module that ensures full compliance

The question we faced is the following:

" How can we implement the 99 law articles of the GDPR in an operational platform? "

This complexity requires a tangible compliance method to be implemented. This is why Black Tiger has created and developed the GDPR Box, a technical GDPR as Code module which is based on risk control. This allows us to guarantee our clients :

  • Their own compliance as data controllers
  • The maintenance of their commercial prospecting and fidelity activities
  • The construction of well-qualified prospects and customers relationships
  • The risk management of personal data exploitation through an impact analysis score
  • The implementation of a management interface for the DPO, with proof of conformity in case of control

The GDPR Box is based on the core principles and rights of the law, in particular the management of risks related to the privacy of data subjects:

Company Individual
Security Consent Management
Storage Rights of the Data Subjects
Processings Retention period
Proof of compliance

Black Tiger enables its clients to measure and anticipate their risks regarding the use of personal data in order to be able to make informed business decisions.

Upstream, data veracity is guaranteed by machine learning algorithms to normalize, deduplicate and consolidate individuals to maximize retention time. Satisfying the Rights of Individuals, the crucial subject of the GDPR, is then only a formality.

  • Image " People have legitimate concerns about the way their information is stored and processed by companies. We have been advocating data ethics since 2014 because it is now necessary for software publishers to be aware of the risks associated with the use of data. Above all, technology must remain at the service of the people. "
    Anne-Tania Desmettre

For any request for information regarding the protection of personal data , you can contact our DPO

A full GDPR compliance directly embedded
in an operational solution

  • Rights of the Data Subjects
    Management of the Rights of the Data Subjects
    Automation of the request process
    Applications' Compliance
    Analysis and Consent Management
    Consent Management
    Proof of consent and analytical reports
    Preference management
    Recording of actions and events
  • GDPR Risk Management
    Automation of the GDPR risk assessment through the 2i score
    Processings register
    Impact assessments
    Mapping of personal data including GDPR attributes
  • Retention period
    Description of the retention period calculation
    Configurable purge algorithm per client and per sector
    Anonymization process
  • Management of subcontractors
    Description of the registration process for a new Data processor
    Data processors' monitoring process
    For each subcontractor Data processor
    Monitoring of contracts and GDPR clauses | Legal warranties and security measures | Direct access survey | Data breach history
  • Security (PIA 2018 Method)
    Security measures to mitigate risks
    General data measures | General system security measures | Organizational measures
    Register of GDPR audit
    Management of security incidents and breaches
    Description of the incident handling process | CNIL notification form | Incident handling record
  • GDPR awareness
    General presentation of the regulations
    French National Commission for Information Technology and Civil Liberties (CNIL) MOOC

Our team

The Black Tiger team is committed to a real and concrete implementation of the GDPR, in line with the Ethic Data principles advocated by the company since 2014. We have read and assimilated all the articles of the GDPR, the CPCE, as well as the Directives and Guidelines of the EDPB (European Data Protection Board) and the WP29.
The team involved in the development and deployment of this compliance module has validated the CNIL's GDPR online training: