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I am integrator, why should I use the Black Tiger Platform?

The Black Tiger Platform (BT Platform) is a complete datalake and datawarehouse stack that natively integrates all the functionalities you would expect from it: data ingestion, Change Data Capture (CDC), data aggregation framework, data management, monitoring, exposure. With a focus on personal data management, integrating advanced data quality, data stewardship and a unique 'GDPR as code' module.

On this basis, the architecture and documentation of the BT platform itself constitutes a project framework for any data project, thus guaranteeing integrators a control of their risks and optimized delivery.

The BT Platform ecosystem is mainly open source, in order to guarantee its integrability with all technological environments: cloud or on-premises, compatibility with any type of data source and any data format, interoperability with any ETL, dataviz tool, BI, ...


The BT Platform allows integrators to integrate into their customer's IS, providing the necessary link between the different technologies used by the customer.

The BT Platform offers its own continuous integration and deployment chain (CI/CD), specific predefined Big Data functionalities and a catalog of business processing jobs, thus providing a framework for developing the customer's business rules for the integrator's teams. It is therefore a productivity tool for the integrators, allowing them to quickly develop new business rules / functionalities in response to customer requirements, including by junior data engineers.

The BT Platform can also be used by integrators as a Benchmarking / POC tool to test technologies that their customers want to experiment with.

Training and support of integrator partners

Black Tiger's software publishing teams and "Integration Lab" accompany integrators through a certification process that allows them to make the most of the platform's power, thus guaranteeing them the achievement of their objectives and the satisfaction of their end customers.

Prior to or during their projects, Black Tiger's technical experts can even accompany partner integrators(*) to help them address a specific customer issue in the best possible way.

(*) depending on the level of partnership contracted


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