As a Marketing DirectorAs a marketing manager, you are constantly faced with the challenges of recruiting new customers, building customer loyalty and improving sales.

Our Customer Data Platform allows you to better know your customers to perfectly meet their expectations by improving theeffectiveness of your marketing campaigns and ultimately create a true one-to-one relationship with each of your customers.

BLACK TIGER - Key Figures

years of experience in data

employees in 4 countries

customers worldwide

Recruiting new customers

Recruit new customers by intelligently targeting their expectations. Our algorithms are at your service to develop your customer base in a very efficient way.

Building customer loyalty

Because every contact with your customer is a unique opportunity, speak up at the right time with the right message to build a lasting relationship.

Develop your sales

Identify potential buyers, predict the best time to make an offer and turn predictions into concrete actions to directly impact your sales

Improve your campaigns

Increase the effectiveness of your campaigns by having up-to-date customer data in real time, for marketing/sales activities that are as close as possible to customer expectations.

Boost your CRM

Boost your customer knowledge with the 360° view and the single customer view to easily identify all your customer's touch points with your brand and create a unique relationship.


Customer Story HONDA France

"Data analysis is key for us. We need to be able to extract data at any time to be able to analyze it quickly, which is what the Black Tiger platform allows us to do. Honda's job is not to process data but to manufacture products!"

Fabrice Recoque
Motorcycle Division Manager - Honda France



"Decisions at Honda were based on 20% of the actual data. The challenge of the platform is to base decisions on a much more representative volume of data"

Julien Coutreau
Development Director - Black Tiger

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