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Building a new generation of Data Leaders

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Even Early Adopters check Gartner...

Black Tiger

in the world of

"A platform offering both MDM and CDP capabilities is a unique proposition"

M. H., Senior Director Analyst GARTNER

If you're looking for a CDP, you're a step behind...

Just as we moved from the Blackberry to the iPhone, it is time to move on from the Customer Data Platform to...


No more 'Shit in, Shit out'

"Shit in, Shit out". Everyone says it, everyone knows it and still everyone deals with it. Everyone but you, that's why you're here.

GDPR compliance for real

You want to be truly compliant.

For you and your customers.

Because you have understood why.


Some divide, some unify…

It is obvious to you that data can be managed as a whole and that the technical, organisational, political and budgetary comfort of 'silos' is a retrograde illusion.

No performance, no data

As you know, technological performance is the driving force behind the digital natives


Public Cloud: tired of a nightmare deployment?

My code HOW I want, WHERE I want, WHEN I want.

Guaranteed without data bullshit.

BLACK TIGER - Key Figures

years of experience in data

employees in 4 countries

customers worldwide

The Tiger accompanies them

Black Tiger, let's talk about it


The Master Data Platform

All the technological bricks mentioned below, as a rule, you have equipped yourself with all or part of them. You are busy assembling them and maintaining them in a coherent way.

And that's a real effort.

Now, between us, and frankly, are you able to produce the results you want?


Big Data Set

Data Integration

Data Quality

Data Stewardship

Data Cataloging

GDPR compliance

Data Lineage

Data Warehouse

Data Lake




The Black Tiger Platform is dedicated to organizations that are looking for a simple and efficient way to access, integrate, govern and deliver data without wasting time.

For a real result.

" Data analysis is key for us. We need to be able to perform extractions at any time to have analyses quickly, which is what the Black Tiger platform allows us to do. Honda's job is not to process data but to manufacture products!"

F. R.
Motorcycle Division Manager - Honda France


Guaranteed without data bullshit.

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