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The first half of 2018 witnessed the infamous Facebook- Cambridge Analytica debacle, which made headlines around the globe bringing to light the severity of data breaches, identify theft, and ransomware attacks have in a digital global economy that runs on data, such as ours. This time though, the world had experienced the mishandling of social data for political purposes on a mass scale. The exploitation of nearly 50 million Facebook profiles by Cambridge Analytica shows the need to strengthen the protection of personal data. It was a wakeup call!

To overcome such transgressions, businesses have since then been running numerous board meetings and consulted a plethora of consultancies and law firms to discuss their data analytics programs ethics, champion the use of anonymized data, and find practical ways of ensuring that no ‘first party’ data is ever mishandled again.

Since early 2015, BlackTiger’s as a tech company is addressing such nuances through its 2i solution–the Personal Data Platform–based on the latest technologies that guide digital transformation and addresses all data issues in a single solution. Data ethics at the heart of and for business purposes is part of the company DNA and its market strategy, since its early stage.

A leader in certified and refined data for intelligent operation, BlackTiger, has successfully turned the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) articles of law into an implementable technology solution, guaranteeing a strict, efficient and tangible response to new legal requirements. The platform aims to drive GDPR compliant business operations by emphasizing ethics for operational purposes coupled with immediate and intelligent data processing to guarantee new business models emergence and thus, revenue generation.

“After the Cambridge Analytica scandal, the risk of data breaches and inappropriate use of personal data has become quite evident. People are rightfully concerned with how their information is stored and handled by companies,” adds Anne-Tania DESMETTRE, BlackTiger’s CEO.

At its core, the company firmly believes that the newly established regulations on personal data should be utilized as an opportunity by the brands to transform and reinvent themselves, by truly placing their clients at the centre of their operations, as they have been doing for years, but this time by using their customer data with ethic. BlackTiger’s Platform turns this wish into reality through an innovative approach of a data-driven model, declined both in strategic terms for the company and in a technological way, in its deepest core, namely in its information system.

Concerning personal data, BlackTiger’s innovative compliance methodologies structured around fundamental principles and rights that are set by the EU law and risk management. “GDPR as Code” enables 2i to be the only technological solution on the market which is not a compliance overlay–or another application in an already saturated client IS–but a real- time solution for data management and processing, “by design and by default compliant”.

Keeping its clients ahead of the curve, BlackTiger’s GDPR solution natively manages personal data, processing operations records, consent, interaction’s history, data subjects rights along with data processing and dedicated business rules, servicing its clients business applications, in real-time; to allow the clients to anticipate and manage risks concerning data processing impact on operations. It will enable the clients to make informed business decisions, based on simple indicators, and thus protect their data assets.

BlackTiger has recently raised funds and has already signed several partnership agreements for the distribution and integration of its platform with players such as Bearing Point and Keyrus. These partnerships with leading international players in consulting and technologies or technological partners, bring to the market a strong technological expertise in data and a strong customer engagement and relationship. Currently working for clients in the automotive, banking, insurance, charitable, mass distribution, energy, and other sectors, BlackTiger is making waves in the industries by illustrating the prowess of its signature 2i solution.

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