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The first Personal Data Platform


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Unify all of your organization's data on a Customer-centric model

Since your digital transformation should not lead to an ever more complex ecosystem, our end-to-end platform
is the support for your evolution


Benefit from a solution that integrates all the advantages of a platform dedicated to personal data
or deploy the Box that meets your needs.

Data Integration Box

Simplify the integration of all your data flows

Normalize your data, ensure the traceability of information and guarantee time savings for your teams by avoiding heavy handling of incoming data flows.

Intelligent identification of personal data

Maximize the use of your customer data from the integration phase

Streaming integration of all data formats

Use the same description format for all your data streams

Native Data Quality

A set of packaged algorithms in order to improve the quality of your data


Data Quality Box

Get results with correct data

Ensure that you always have reliable data and improve the constitution of your 360° customer vision thanks to our Data Quality tools.

Automate your DQ process

A set of packaged algorithms dedicated to B2C data

From standardization to the consolidation of your golden records

Easily reconstitute the DNA of your customers

A know-how enhanced by new AI tools

The knowledge of personal data combined with technological innovation


Build an ethical future with consumer respect

Ensure a full GDPR compliance to your organization.

A comprehensive compliance method

A deployment based on our Cleverness data Legal System (CLS) method

A "by design & by default" GDPR module

The real guarantee that your compliance is total

A compliance index based on a scoring algorithm

We give you the resources to monitor your compliance


Integrate the Black Tiger Platform in your IT environment

Infrastructure as Code   |   Cloud Agnostic   |   Configuration Management   |   Industrial Standard Tools

  1. 1

    A reliable micro-service architecture

  2. 2

    The latest Big Data Technologies

  3. 3

    The best performance without the complexity


Choose the appropriate deployment option

Public cloud, private cloud or on-premise depending on your expectations, the choice is yours

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