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BLACK TIGER Code of Conduct

The Black Tiger Code of Conduct confirms our commitment to conducting our business in accordance with our three core values : transparency, ethics and innovation.

And in this context, to help companies prosper by taking care of their customers, guided by our values and our desire to contribute to sustainable development.


We are committed to high standards of integrity in everything we do. Our reputation for integrity and high standards of business conduct is one of our most valuable assets.


Black Tiger is a software publisher, and as such, offers the Master Data Platform, which aims to exploit any type of data.

As such, Black Tiger is acutely aware of the proven risks in the exploitation of data, particularly personal data. The intrusion into our lives of technologies that use our data must above all remain a comfort of life and must not turn into a trap for the citizen.

So, based on our 3 values: innovation, ethics, and transparency, our mission is to help businesses thrive by taking care of their customers.


We provide the market with technologies that enable people to fulfil their potential without restricting their freedom.


We believe that the ethical and transparent use of data by companies helps to create the healthy relationship necessary to build trust between the company and its customers.

Ultimately, to establish a relationship that benefits everyone's interests.

We consider data in the broadest sense of the term as an element that has become unconditional to the way our modern societies function today.

They can be used for the purposes of manipulation, creating geopolitical disorder and consequently depriving individual freedom.

At Black Tiger we believe that the freedom to think, live, work and decide is a fundamental element of human well-being.

As such, Black Tiger works to make each company accountable for its actions with regard to the use of data.

We do this by providing the market with technologies that enable people to achieve their potential without restricting their freedom.


Our 3 values, transparency, ethics and innovation, are the DNA of our group.

The Black Tiger Group has technologically transposed these three values into its platform. They form the basis for the development of our technology.

We strive, on a daily basis, to respect them in our relations with our clients.


For Black Tiger, it is a question of :

Doing what you say, saying what you do, assuming mistakes, saying when you don't understand.

To be able to be as much as possible:

Courageous, engaged, resilient, honest, upright.

Transparency requires courage, commitment, resilience, honesty and integrity.

We live in a world where technology allows us to constantly present ourselves in the best light. However, we still have our ups and downs.

Transparency is a necessity for a clear understanding of each other, for trust to be established, creating mutual respect for each other.


We go beyond compliance. We have a role as a role model within our industry, and we have both the opportunity and the responsibility to set new standards and change the perception of data management.

This means being a driving force for the ethical use of data in the service of business interests in strict compliance with regulations.

Personal data represents the very essence of any individual's private life, and this, in a direct way. The Black Tiger teams are fully aware of these issues:

- We put people first
- We are accountable for our actions
- We act on our actions


Technology must be at the service of human beings and not the other way round. It must not be a trap for either the user or the subject.

It is about empowering technology users to be responsible for their actions and decisions because technology allows them to understand and anticipate what they are doing.

Therefore, technology is highly relevant to innovation.

The driving force behind innovation is often the improvement of living comfort, safety, health... in short, better living and well-being.

Technology must be at the service of the human being and not the other way around.

In a sector such as data mining, the boundaries are more blurred and the quest for human welfare is less obvious.

This pitfall is very clear in Black Tiger, especially as technology is advancing faster than the human capacity to grasp it properly.

The primary essence of Black Tiger's existence is in fact the protection of each and every one of us in the exploitation of our data through innovation.

- Our contribution to sustainable development -

Black Tiger has a strong global commitment, rooted in our core values and the way we run our business.

In addition to leading the way to a healthy economy, Black Tiger is committed to contributing to sustainable development by continuously improving its performance in the areas of human rights, labour, environment and anti-corruption.

We are committed to integrating the Global Compact and its principles into our strategy, culture and daily operations. The Global Compact principles are derived from :

- The Universal Declaration of Human Rights
- The International Labour Organisation's Declaration on Fundamental Principles and Rights at Work
- The Rio Declaration on Environment and Development
- The UN Convention against Corruption

- Ethical behaviour in the market -

In our mission to help companies unlock the full value of their data in an ethical and transparent manner, we must always be mindful of the strict code of business ethics under which all business activity must be conducted.

The code emphasises respectful relations with customers: 

- The activity should be conducted in such a way as to foster and maintain respect and trust in the data sector.

- Laws and regulations must be strictly adhered to in all dealings with our partners

- Strict security and confidentiality must be maintained with regard to all information acquired.

- The integrity of clients must be respected at all times.

- Internal ethical behaviour -

All employees and persons representing Black Tiger must respect and comply with all applicable laws, regulations, internal rules and contractual agreements at all times, and are expected to conduct themselves in an exemplary manner, always bearing in mind that they are acting as a representative of Black Tiger.

All employees and individuals representing Black Tiger are expected to adhere to our ethical principles reflecting our core values in our daily activities.

All employees and all people representing Black Tiger must treat each other and our partners with respect and dignity in a safe and healthy working environment.

All Black Tiger managers or anyone representing Black Tiger must take appropriate steps to ensure equal opportunity for all employees, fair treatment and professional diversity.

- Anti-money laundering, combating the financing of terrorism and compliance with sanctions -

Black Tiger, or any person representing Black Tiger, must not be used for money laundering or terrorist financing purposes.

All employees and suppliers must also ensure compliance with any applicable sanctions regime and avoid any activity with targeted individuals, entities and governments, particularly with respect to sanctions imposed by the United Nations Security Council and the European Union.

Businesses that are subject to EU anti-money laundering directives, local anti-money laundering and anti-terrorist financing laws and regulations must always comply with them.

Anne-Tania Desmettre, CEO BlackTiger


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