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Black Tiger Group, publisher of the Black Tiger platform specialising in the exploitation of personal data, has announced the acquisition of Bisnode Belgium, the leader in data driven marketing and customer data enhancement in the Belgian market. The 165 experts of the Brussels-based company are joining the Paris-based software publisher.

The acquisition was completed on 31 March.
The transaction price is not disclosed.

Comments from the company

Common DNA

Black Tiger's acquisition of Bisnode Belgium is first and foremost the story of two sister companies coming together to form one within the Black Tiger Group. Indeed, we have to go back to 2014 to understand the link between the two companies, when Bisnode France began its transformation towards Black Tiger, from a Smart Data pioneer to a software publisher, expert in the exploitation of personal data. From this pre-existing material at Bisnode France, Black Tiger was able to bring together data expertise and technological expertise, an element of differentiation which, even today, is verified in a market with a flagrant duality.

This expertise, which was present at Bisnode France almost a decade ago, has continued to develop and improve within Bisnode Belgium and now represents a major opportunity in the European personal data market. An opportunity for Black Tiger that translates into the contribution of its latest technological developments and GDPR expertise to the 165 experts of the Brussels-based company.

Beyond their common history, the two companies share values of trust and innovation. Innovation must be at the service of human beings and therefore placed at the heart of strategic thinking on data to guarantee user companies the benefits of the latest technologies in the strictest application of the latest legislation, for the greatest respect of their end customers.

Value creation

Black Tiger, a personal data expert and GDPR specialist, has been advocating the intelligent use of data since its inception. The combined expertise of Black Tiger and Bisnode Belgium will create value for current and future customers as a result of this acquisition, as the current CEOs of both companies can attest.

"I am very happy to welcome Bisnode Belgium to the Black Tiger family, convinced that the union of our strengths and expertise will be a great step forward in the growth of both companies. We have a very clear vision on personal data and the major role of the GDPR and will be able to accelerate the development of our platform and our service offering. Our clients will be able to rely on us in this new data era. Anne-Tania DESMETTRE - CEO Black Tiger

"Joining Black Tiger in their growth is an important step in the evolution of Bisnode Belgium. I am very excited about the future vision and opportunities for both companies! The technology and the market are changing constantly and faster. In this context, we need strong and inspiring partners like Black Tiger to offer better data management services and solutions. Szymon CIACH - CEO Bisnode Belgium


Bisnode Belgium will continue to offer the same services as it does today, this new collaboration will bring to the Belgian branch Black Tiger's expertise as a software editor, as well as a proven technological approach to compliance with the latest legal requirements. This union will create numerous opportunities, from technology to services, with a view to continuously improving the offers and solutions proposed, for strong and sustainable growth.

The roadmap for the evolution of production tools with the introduction of the unified platform, the contribution of technological knowledge in the areas of data quality and data governance, and the 'GDPR as Code' technical module, which is based on risk management, is in line with Black Tiger's objectives with its arrival in Belgium.

Black Tiger aims to become a European leader in personal data expertise with a high level of ethics in its exploitation and GDPR compliance.

This acquisition complements the organic growth recorded by Black Tiger Group. Black Tiger's next step will be to open up its capital (Pre-IPO) and tap the market to accelerate its growth.


About Black Tiger

Black Tiger is a software publisher based in Paris. An expert in personal data, it is the publisher of the Black Tiger Platform, the only end-to-end Big Data platform specialising in personal data management, GDPR as Code and addressing daily business issues. Indeed, the Black Tiger Platform enables the management and monitoring, on a daily basis, of all information and operational services related to the exploitation of personal data. In other words, the Black Tiger Platform allows you to centralise, cleanse, structure and exploit data to enrich your activities and offer a real-time view of customer data.

Turnover (is 2020): 11M
Number of employees: 53

About Bisnode Belgium

Bisnode Belgium is a pioneer in data driven marketing and a leader in the Belgian market in understanding and leveraging data for their clients. Bisnode Belgium provides its clients with relevant and accurate data on which they can base their decisions with confidence. Bisnode Belgium's clients come from a wide range of sectors, including telecommunications, insurance, retail, FMCG, automotive and energy.

Turnover (is 2020): 20M
Number of employees: 165

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