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Black Tiger Belgium is spinning off its B2B activities to Roularta Media Group, thus initiating a transfer of historical competences and customers to the multimedia group, the market leader in magazines, local media in Flanders and business TV channels.

Black Tiger Belgium, an integral part of the Black Tiger Group, is to divest its B2B activities to a major player in the Belgian multimedia market, the Roularta Media Group. This transfer of competences and clients marks the end of an era for Black Tiger Belgium and for the group, which will now focus on its activities as a software publisher and expert in B2C-oriented data businesses.

Nearly 163 customers will change their flag and establish new relationships with the purchaser of this part of the business. The handover will take place under the watchful eye of Natalie VERSLUYS, currently Business Consultant at Black Tiger Belgium, who will manage the transition in the migration of systems, the transfer of skills and clients and will guarantee the maintenance of the operational quality of current services. Of these clients, some twenty were involved in B2B and B2C services. In this specific case, Black Tiger Belgium, through its Head of Sales Premium, Fabrice WILLEM, undertakes to maintain the same level of B2C services as before the transfer.

Black Tiger is delighted with the conclusion of this sale to Roularta Media Group. The Belgian multimedia group shares Black Tiger's values of innovation, growth and quality and is an undisputed leader in the print and audiovisual sectors in Belgium, the Netherlands and Germany. It is therefore with great confidence in the continuity and prosperity of its B2B clients that the Black Tiger Group is transferring its activities to the eminent multimedia group from Roulese, as Anne-Tania DESMETTRE and Burt RISKÉ can testify:

"We are very pleased with the completion of the sale of our B2B business to Roularta Media Group. When we decided to concentrate on our B2C activities by selling our B2B clients, we quickly chose the listed Belgian group RMG, because of its excellent reputation in the multimedia market. We know the seriousness and professionalism of the Roularta Group, having worked with them for several years. We are therefore convinced that we are entrusting our clients to one of the best players on the market. Anne-Tania DESMETTRE - CEO Black Tiger

"With the integration of Black Tiger, we are significantly expanding our B2B offering and strengthening our position in the business information market. The vision and know-how of our new colleagues are perfectly in line with our strategy. Trends Business Information was created through the merger of Trends Top and Euro DB. Both were partners of Bisnode Belgium at the time. We are therefore convinced that we will be able to help our existing and new customers to achieve their business objectives even better. Burt RISKÉ - General Manager Trends Business Information

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