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As an integrator, control your risks and optimize your delivery
To be more competitive, to increase expertise and to satisfy customers, all these are reasons for integrators to use the Black Tiger platform.

Be competitive

With the With the Black Tiger platform, I finally have full control over my risks and I am continuously optimising my delivery.

Increase my expertise

All the functionalities expected from a Datalake, a Datawarehouse and a CDP are natively integrated in our stack.

Satisfy my customers

The Black Tiger platform meets all the business challenges related to data. The client focuses on his business, you provide the technology.

The Black Tiger platform is a complete data lake and data warehouse stack that natively integrates all the functionalities you would expect: data ingestion, Change Data Capture (CDC), data aggregation framework, data management, monitoring, exposure. The platform integrates Data Governance, Business Data Activation and GDPR compliance in a unified platform.

As such, the architecture and documentation of the Black Tiger platform constitute a project framework for any data project, and thus guarantee that your risks are controlled, and your delivery optimized.


The Black Tiger platform's ecosystem is mainly opensource, to ensure its integration with all technological environments: cloud or on premise, compatibility with any type of data source and any data format, interoperability with any ETL, data visualization tool, BI, etc.

Deployable in a few minutes on a physical or cloud infrastructure, the Black Tiger Starter Kit is a tool focused on accessibility and interactivity, which will allow you to model your solution as closely as possible to your customers' needs in record time.
With the full range of our expertise available by default, it remains modular and will work perfectly as a stand-alone tool (DataQuality Box, GDPR Box...).

Black Tiger

in the world of

"A platform offering both MDM and CDP capabilities is a unique proposition"

M. H., Senior Director Analyst GARTNER

Network of partner integrators

Training and support for partner integrators

Black Tiger's software publishing teams and Integration Lab will support you through a certification process that will enable you to profit the most of the platform's power, thus guaranteeing that you achieve your objectives and satisfy your end customers.

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